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The EB 305 is designed to restore the body's energy...(more)
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The Body's Toxic Dump
Dr. Mladenoff, Applied Kinesiologist for the Kansas City Chiefs...(more)
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For years I had chemical sensitivity to all smells, especially perfumes. After five treatments...(more)
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Patient Testimonials

For years I had chemical sensitivity to all smells, especially perfumes. After five treatments I no longer have an allergic reaction when I come into contact with someone wearing perfume.
KP - Rochester, NY

After 15 years of taking allergy medications and just two EB-305 treatments my sinuses cleared and I no longer needed to take the allergy medications. Simply the best!
DD - Mesa, AZ


I had a recurring foot fungus for the past year. After just one treatment the fungus was gone.
BM - Vista, CA

For the past four months I had right shoulder pain that would not subside. After one treatment with the EB-305 energy bath my pain is gone.
KC - Fountain Hills, AZ

I had a pain in my leg for over 3 weeks. After just one treatment using the EB-305 the pain was gone.
BT - Denver, CO

I had bi-lateral foot pain and constant cramping in my foot and legs. After one treatment with the EB-305 I'm off pain medication for the first time in six months.
DS - Miami, FL

For the past six years I've had migraine headaches and had to use heavy opiates to alleviate the pain. After 12 treatments with the EB-305 the migraines are now manageable with only over the counter drugs.
HM - Vancouver, WA

I have rheumatoid arthritis and after 4 treatments I'm able to completely close my fist for the first time in 2 ½ years. My grip strength has increased by 400%.. I've continued to maintain this mobility and strength now for over six weeks.
AM - Escondido, CA

I had ACL surgery four years ago and continued to have pain and clicking in my knee. After just four treatments in the EB-305 the pain and clicking are gone.
SG - Omaha, NB

A post-car accident left me with a fractured right foot which required four screws to repair. This left me with constant pain and loss of range of motion. After six treatments the pain was 90% alleviated. Now I do a treatment a week to work on the last 10% and to maintain mobility.
LN - Nashville, TN

My daughter has been suffering with Fibromyalgia for many years. Since she has been using the “EB” (2 months now), the whites of her eyes are no longer yellow, her skin is clearer and she seems to have more energy.
KP-Williamsburg, Kentucky

I’ve been on acne medication since the age of 11. The “EB” is the only thing that helps me stay off medication and control my adult acne conditions.
TT – Phoenix, AZ

My daughter and son-in law both use their EB regularly. My daughter has Lupus and her swelling has reduced dramatically while her fatigue levels have improved markedly. My son-in-law has terrible gout and since starting to use the EB he’s had tremendous relief and won’t go without doing an EB.
JD - Pt. Pleasant, NJ

I’m 70+ years of age and am having amazing results using the “EB”. At one time I would have over 10 injections of medications daily for heavy metal toxicity and now I’m injection free. I’ve gotten a new lease in life.
LL – Sault St. Marie, ON Canada

Had a patient who for years spray painted heavy equipment without the use of a respiratory and subsequently had sever joint pain specifically in his knees from the toxic fumes. After 4-5 treatments the joint pain in his knees has subsided.
WCA Wichita, KS

The results I have experienced after only a few sessions are just shy of profound. My results so far include shorter recovery times between hard interval workouts, greater power on the bike, better quality sleep and fewer allergy symptoms. I have not reached for my allergy medicine once in the past four weeks. As an athlete I am looking for that extra 3-5 percent which means the difference between standing on the podium and just finishing with the pack. “

I have had 6 “EB” sessions and cannot believe the differences! I handle stressful situations much better. My overall mood no longer has the dark cloud lingering. I've got more energy during the day as well as the weekends. I've noticed my body isn't as tight and I'm able to exercise longer.

I have been treated for neck and back pain much of which was stress related. Recently he suggested the “EB” to help address allergy symptoms and low energy and fatigue that I have struggled with for many years since I turned forty. The results have been amazing. I have more energy and patience to deal with both my professional and personal life, and an overall sense of well being. An incredible side benefit, which certainly contributes to the above, is that my libido has greatly increased!! I feel like I have the energy and desire of an adolescent and the ability to now enjoy it!!! I highly recommend the “EB” for everyone.
A. age 51

For the last fifteen year’s I have had to wear shoe supports in order to walk properly. Seems there is a nerve in my foot that has been hindering my walking properly, in addition to being very painful. The doctors wanted over $1000.00 per foot to treat the problem. After two treatments with the “EB”, I came home removed all shoe supports and have been teaching myself how to walk again. I have no pain at all and simply love the “EB”. I will continue to use it for as long as I live.
CS Stroud, OK

My twin sister has asthma, lung disease. We go to a Chinese Herbalist and have for over 8 years now. He told us that my sister’s lungs are clearer now than they ever have been. So much so that she rarely has to take any medication. We both feel that since we have been using the “EB” for a little over two years now, that this is the reason my sister's lungs are so much better.
CV – Snellville, GA

My wife has had severe headaches for the past 22 years for 3-4 days around her menstrual cycle and was taking emitrex to elevate the pain. We purchased the “EB” about 4 months ago and for the past three months my wife has been headache free. We highly recommend this unit to those with chronic headache pain.
DW – Blaine, MN

For the past three years I could not walk a block without total exhaustion or lay on my stomach while sleeping. After extensive medical diagnosis they determined emotional stresses. I then had hair analysis done and it found severe heavy metal toxicity namely my copper levels were off the charts. I’ve now done about 45-50 “EB” treatments and have had a complete turn around. This has been a life saver for me!
MJ - Madison WI

About two years ago I was diagnosed with what the doctors called ….., but now we are fairly positive that it was mercury poisoning I was told that if I had had even one more ounce of mercury in my system I would have died. Subsequently, I’ve tried everything traditional as well as none traditional such as chelation to remove the mercury form my system. I’ve now found that the “EB” is by far the most effect solution to my problem. Now my husband has heavy metals in his system so we are detoxing him with the “EB”. It’s the most amazing we’re going to share it with our neighborhood.
AH – Todd, NC

I was diagnosed with liver cancer 12 years ago. I had severe swelling in my extremities with aching in my joints, bones, kidney and liver. I’ve now been doing foot bath treatments with the Bio-Cleanse from Erchonia Medical for the past 11-12 months with great pain relief. My doctor recommended this equipment to me and while I was once required for check ups every 4-6 weeks, I now only need to see my MD every 4-6 months.
PH – Madisonville, TN

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer about 2 years ago. Had surgery to remove cancerous cells, but had a recurring incident of cancer requiring 40 chemotherapy treatments. After 25 treatments while doing two EB treatments daily, a balance treatment in the early AM prior to radiation treatment and then late in the day doing a detoxify treatment to remove the excess toxins, I was able to run three miles this week. The incontinence that was a result of the reoccurring cancer has been eliminated and I no longer have any difficulty with my regular cycles. I’m also showing no signs of trauma to the body like stinging while urinating or any other adverse reactions.


Doctor Testimonials

Received 1st EB-305 and since have been over booked. I had to add an additional machine after just three weeks of usage.
Dr. KG, D.C,. N.D. - San Diego,CA.

As the doctor at a large pain clinic I get great results. However some patients would just simply plateau. With the use of the EB-305 energy bath I'm able to break through those plateaus and pain barriers.
Dr.GF, D.C,. L.A.C.- Orlando, FL

I have a chronic fatigue fibromyalgia practice and would not think of not including the EB-305 in the regular treatment of my patients.
Dr.EM - Albuquerque, NM

In my first month I treated over 125 patients and they love it! Increased energy and reduced pain on several patients after just one treatment.
Dr.DY,D.C.- Los Angeles, CA

I have 2 EB-305's in my office that I run full time as well as two units that I rent to patients for use at home. I would not practice without them!
CC, L.M.T. - Phoenix, AZ

We had a patient that had full body skin eczema. After one treatment with only the patients’ hands in the “EB” he had an 80-90% improvement in the skin irritation.
Dr. PR-Mankato, MN

The “EB” proved its alkalinity capabilities to us when one patient was sharing with another his story. He had been on two packs of Rolaids for over 15 years. After three “EB” treatments if was able to quit taking Rolaids all together and he no longer has any acid reflux conditions.
Dr. DF – Smyrna, GA

71 year old patient with severe edema and gout had 16 EB treatments. Now for the first time in over two years she was able to spread her toes and wear shoes again. Her swelling in her feet began to subside after 6-8 treatments.
Dr. DB - Glen Ellyn, IL

For the past 4 1/2 years, I have used the Energy Balancer with my clients. As a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, I work with clients on nutritional and natural detoxification programs.
I am writing to you to let you know of a great success that I had with a client using the Energy Balancer unit. A female age 70 presented with severe attacks of gout and severe edema in both legs. Medical treatment was unsuccessful in relieving her symptoms. She hobbled into my office with a cane and was only able to wear a man’s extra wide shoe, leaving the laces barely tied. Knowing the positive effect of cleaning out the lymphatic system, I began her on a regular twice a week program. She was skeptical at first, yet so desperate to get relief she was willing to try this new method.
We worked together over two years. She had seventy treatments with the EB. Her gout stopped completely. She had started with me originally with edema that was so severe she had stove pipe legs with indefinable ankles. She stopped limping and hobbling, no longer needing her cane. Ankle definition began to appear. Her feet were swollen no longer and one day she walked in with tears in her eyes. She had worn her ladies shoes to church the day before and wore them to her appointment with me the next day. It had been two years since she had been able to wear her own shoes. Her husband was glad to see his wife’s ankles too!
During her treatments, she was seeing her physician regularly for check ups. When she showed her physician her "new legs" and feet, the Dr. was amazed. My client reported that her Dr said, "I don't know what you are doing with that alternative practitioner, but keep doing it."
One of my greatest rewards and satisfactions of practicing natural health is to see my clients achieve results. This is one of my favorite success stories. I am grateful to have this technology to make available to my clients.
Dr. AB, PhD.

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