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EB-305 PRO
EB-305 PRO

Includes: 1-EB-305 Pro unit 1-battery charger 2-new arrays w/cleaning brush 1-foot bucket for treatment 5-6 liners for bucket 1-CD w/ operational/ informational guide book with complete instructions one warranty card

EB 305 PRO Features

• New Battery System - The EB-Pro will be powered by 2 -12 volt batteries at a minimum of 8 Ahr. It will have limited voltage and current to less than 24 volts DC and less than 1.5 amperes of either positive or negative polarity.

• New Smart Charger - The new charger has a three light system to notify the technician the level of the current battery charge. Red indicates less than 50% charge, Orange indicates a charge of 85% and Green indicates a full charge.

• New LED Battery Level Indicator Light - This new monitor will display the current level of the charge on the internal battery. It will display either full, medium or low.

• New Sleep Mode (to Maximize Battery Life) - This feature will become effective if no activity is done within 2 minutes to protect the current charge level. To reactivate the system simply touch the “on” button once again.

• Flashing Low Battery LED - The low battery “shutout” feature is to prevent the batteries from damage due to excessive discharge below the minimum discharge condition . When this indicator comes on the device will “lockout” to prevent further use until the batteries are charged to a sufficient level.

• 3 Pre-Set Treatments - The new unit now offers three different pre-set time treatments. The “A” key will be a 12 minute Lymphatic session to help open up the lymphatic drainage prior to further detoxification. The “B” key will be the Balance treatment of 18 minutes, and the Start key will yield the standard 23 minute detox setting.

• “Schumann Resonance”* Frequency Mode - The EB-Pro now offers the Schumann Resonance frequency (7.83) which can be added to any of the pre-set treatments or any personal standard setting. Start by pressing the Hz key and then either the “A” preset, the “B” preset or the start key to activate this setting. It will then pulsate the frequency from 4 Hertz to 20 each second and then back down again for the duration of the treatment cycle.

• New LED Energy Field Indicator Light - This LED display will monitor the actual applied current levels in both the negative and positive fields. This will assist in the amount of salts to be added to the solution and to also determine when the arrays current capabilities are eroding.

• On/Off Switch - No more keys to lose, but a master power on/off switch.

• Backlit LCD Screen - Backlit LCD screen to assist in low light settings.

• Includes Two Arrays - We’ve now included two arrays with this new unit for more treatments prior to reordering.

What is the Schumann Resonance? In the 1930s physicist Heinrich Schumann discovered a permanent standing wave in the atmosphere, resonating between the Earth's surface and the ionosphere. This wave, is known as the Schumann Resonance, or simply the Earth Wave, and is fed by lightening discharges and the planet's internal electromagnetic activity. By a rather stunning coincidence, its frequency fluctuates slowly between 9 and 12 cycles per second - right in the heart of the human alpha range.

Like waves on a string, they are not present all the time, but have to be 'excited' to be observed. They are not caused by anything internal to the Earth, its crust or its core. They seem to be related to electrical activity in the atmosphere, particularly during times of intense lightning activity. They occur at several frequencies, specifically 7.8 (strongest), 14, 20, 26, 33, 39 and 45 (weakest) Hertz, with a daily variation of about ± 0.5 Hertz. So long as the properties of Earth's electromagnetic cavity remains about the same, these frequencies remain the same. Presumably there is some change due to the solar sunspot cycle as the Earth's ionosphere changes in response to the 11-year cycle of solar activity. .

Depending on your perspective, living beings either evolved in this natural electromagnetic environment or were created with Divine Intelligence to live in harmony with it. One thing is certain: Since life began, the Earth has been surrounding all living things with this natural frequency pulsation. Many experts believe that the wide spectrum of artificial man-made EMF radiation masks the natural beneficial frequency of the Earth. Electro pollution may cause us to feel more stressed, fatigued and "out of balance." Laboratory research has shown that exposing living cells to the Schumann Resonance had the effect of "protecting" them from ambient EMFs, allowing the cells to increase their immune protection, and decrease the absorption of depression-inducing chemicals. Some researchers believe that by producing a 7.83 Hz pulse with a field generator, we can counter the effects of these irritating man-made fields. By replicating the Earth's natural rhythm, we may be providing ourselves with a more healthy environment. When the body is grounded properly then all it’s internal systems can function at peak performance and the cells will be up regulated.

Extra Arrays:

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Price: $1995.00

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EB-305 Energy Balance