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How It Works
The EB 305 is designed to restore the body's energy...(more)
Neuro Muscular Trial
On the weekend of September 20 - 21, 2003 at...(more)
EPA Lab Tests
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The Body's Toxic Dump
Dr. Mladenoff, Applied Kinesiologist for the Kansas City Chiefs...(more)
Ionic Field Data
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How often can I be treated?...(more)
For years I had chemical sensitivity to all smells, especially perfumes. After five treatments...(more)
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Harvard Square Cambridge, MA 02238




The EB 305, A Breakthrough To Perfect Health

A Comprehensive User-Friendly Leading Edge Energy Balancing Technology For All Issues of Physical, Mental and Emotional Well-Being.

The EB-305 nourishes the body with a complete spectrum of bioavailable energy while moving the lymphatic and circulatory systems to assist in detoxification. The EB-305 also breaks up blockages and barrier tissues in the body by electrical repolarization.

The EB-305 functions to promote health and well-being through detoxification and energy rebalancing, now and into the future. Stay well with the EB-305.

EB 305
Harvard Square
Cambridge, MA 02238

Advantages of the EB 305

  • Detoxification and lymphatic drainage.
  • Life nourishing healing energy.
  • Energy rebalancing and restoration.
  • Proven in clinical trials to balance and restore the body's electromagnetic energy.
  • Integrated healing tool for your treatment regimen.
  • The only machine to use energy from direct current (not converted energy) similar to that of the human body.
  • Ability to run both positive and negative ions.
  • Ability to alter the body's pH by using positive or negative charges. These charges assist the body in every aspect - from its ability to detoxify to its ability to digest.
  • Average treatment time is 18 - 23 minutes. Almost half the time of other machines due to an increase in EB ion production.
  • The EB-305 can deliver frequency information more directly than the use of a substance or a remedy. This is because the energy lies closer to consciousness than matter; it is more universal and it has movement. Consequently, when the body receives energy and information directly, the results are far-reaching and broad in scope without side effects.


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EB-305 Energy Balance